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Sam Radoff has been a fixture on the custom car, bike and painting scene for over 45 years. He wasn't old enough to drive when he first started working on cars (see picture at right). Luckily for all of us, a minor detail like that didn't stop him.
During this time, the cars and bikes he has worked on have won countless awards in every major show in North America and every magazine devoted to anything automotive. These include things like "Best Paint", "Best Use of Colour", "Best Graphics", "Best of Show" and "People's Choice" awards. And there are a great many other awards, such as Hot Rod Magazine's "Street Car of the Year" - 1984 and America's Most Beautiful Chopper Award in 1975.

Sam has also won the really major awards, like the 1977 Ridler Award at Cobo Hall (and he has been Runner-up twice),
the 1971 ISCA (International Show Car Association) Best New Artist Award and Truckn Magazine named one his creations 1 of the 10 Best Vans Ever Made.

Additionally, Sam has been named to the Mack Brush Pinstripers Hall of Fame, the Outlaw Customs Hall of Fame and was the winner of the inaugural Von Dutch Hall of Fame Award.
He has also produced some very large shows, including the largest custom motorcycle show in Detroit, which was put on in 1975 (a scan of an original poster is to the left). Most recently, he produced the 2004 Custom Pinstripers Show at Cobo Hall.
And 'Yosemite' Sam is a truly groundbreaking artist. He is the first pinstriper to have his work featured in a complete National print and TV ad campaign (for the Chrysler PT Cruiser). Absolutely everybody with any access to media of any type has seen Sam's work at some time.
He has done so many interviews for TV, magazines and newspapers that I won't even attempt to list them here. I don't have enough time to enter them all, and you don't have enough time to read them all. But here is a small gallery with an assortment of images appearing in magazines and newspapers. And this gallery represents less than .00001% of the total print archive. Perhaps as time permits, more of this archive can be made available.

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