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Sam started doing custom paint on full-size cars in 1955 at 12 years old, pinstriping cars and doing car shows. The older he got, the more he got involved with custom cars and rods. He eventually became known as 'Yosemite' Sam through his unique ability of chopping cars and custom painting. He opened a shop and the rest is history. Over the years Sam's cars (cars he has worked on or painted) have won all of the major awards in North America. For example, he designed the car that Hot Rod Magazine named its "Street Car of the Year" in 1984 (a 1959 Corvette). In fact, you'd rupture something trying to pick up the boxes filled with clippings from major magazines (Hot Rod, Road&Track, Custom Rodder, etc.) about his work. And there is more than one of these gut-busting archives of Sam's work in print.

Sam Radoff is also very well known for his 2 wheeled creations. In 1974, 10 of his bikes went on a two year tour of museums in all the major capital cities of Europe. He is also known as the designer of the original motorcycle for 1970's dare-devil Evel Knievel.

Sam has also been deigned to possess the title of Flamecologist. Call the renowned Dr. 'Yosemite' Sam, PhD (Phlame Doctor), for a house call. If your car is sick or just in need of a check-up, Sam can come on-site and administer a little heat or some custom pinstriping to make your car well again.

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Some pictures taken of Sam during a demonstration of custom flaming on a PT Cruiser at a show in Detroit in 2003. The photographer is the notable Jun Sato. The images have been reduced in size, as the full-size versions of these pictures would fill this webspace entirely.
All images are © 2003 - Jun Sato, and are used here with his permission. Thanks Jun!

If you have any questions about specific images, please include the Image Reference Number, located under the thumbnails in the galleries in your correspondence.

NOTE: All pictures shown within these galleries are used only to display Sam Radoff's work. Copyright is retained by the original holder. In most cases, this is Sam Radoff.

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