Latest Projects
Here is some of my latest work. Each carries a brief description of the work done, what the the vehicle is and an image or two.
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One of Yosemite Samís latest projects was a commissioned flame job for Chrysler Corp. Before the PT was released to the public Chrysler requested that a PT Cruiser to be laid-out and custom painted so that it would bring attention to the unique and beautiful lines of this exciting new vehicle. Yosemite Sam was given full artistic license to paint the car as he saw fit. Sam went to work and the results were more than pleasantly surprising. The job was completed in 5 days, just in time to be shipped to Vancouver B.C. for its unveiling at a car show. The car never did make it in the show, however, it and two other PTís were driven around the city all weekend, by the "Hit Squad" (people dressed as 30ís gangsters), to promote the show. The PT was featured at the Woodward Cruise later that year.

Flames: Done in 5 candy colors (gold, tangerine, red, wild cherry & blue)
Pinstriped: blue and red with fancy pinstriping on the deck, tail lights, grill & bumpers.


Another PT commissioned by Chrysler Design.

Flames: multiple blues
Pinstriped: light blue.


Another of Sam's latest projects was this burgundy PT... it's owned by a nice married couple who only drive it on Sundays in top-fuel drag races. No, Seriously. It's true!

Alright, it's actually owned by the winner of a truth-telling contest 2 towns over...

OK, OK, it's actually owned by friends of Sam, and relatives of the the guy who built this site. What are you, a cop?


Commissioned by Chrysler Corp. as a concept car.
The Prowler was shown at numerous auto shows across North America.
Flames: red, orange & yellow blends with blue tips
Pinstriped: blue


Late model Beetle Scalloped and flamed
Flames: Orange , yellow & white blends
Pinstriped: blue.

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