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9 November 2006Up in Flames:The Art of Flame Painting
Author: Tim Phelps & 'Yosemite' Sam Radoff
Flame painting first lit up the hot rod world more than 50 years ago-and its still burning strong.
At the heart of the art are a handful of innovators who have pushed the tradition to ever-greater heights over the past half-century-and these are the artists profiled in this book. Up in Flames introduces readers to the flame painters who best represent the talent and inspiration that give this particular art form its power, and whose stories best illustrate the evolution of the flame job. Each profile features full-color illustrations, many examples of an artists range, and the painters own thoughts on style, career, and craft-all framed by an introduction that traces the flame job from its infancy to todays modern techniques and designs.

ISBN: 760323348

And, if you buy your copy from Sam, he will custom stripe the inside covers for you. The price is US$200. And yes, it includes shipping. To see a sample of the custom stiping, click here.
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Sam is also selling posters, 2 different ones in fact. Both for the Pinstripers Jamboree. Autographed. Perfect Christmas Gifts. And yours for only US$25 each, shipping included.

And rest assured, the actual posters are of far higher quality than the images shown here (it's hard to get a good pic of them on a digital camera!).

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If anybody has any pictures of work I have done for them, or of any special events/shows I may have attended, you may send them to me by clicking on my mailbox. I would really like historical images, anything I built, or painted over the years.

Please include your name, city, state/province and nation (if applicable). Identity information will not be published without your express consent.

There is more than enough space for any size images, format is not important.

If you don't have the images in digital format, you can send pictures via snail mail to:
3623 Springer Rd, Delaware, ON, Canada, N0L1E0.
Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your prints to be returned to you. Image credits will be provided, and links are also available.

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Radoff Originals is live, as of 7 November 2004
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