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Model Cars

These are scale model cars, which are either 1/18th scale Die-cast or 1/24th scale Plastic models which are custom painted. Each is also uniquely customized and will never be duplicated. Guaranteed. They are also available for purchase by the viewing public (that would be you).

Latest Projects

Some of my more recent work is displayed here. When I remember to take pictures.

Custom Paint

These are vehicles and artwork I have done over the years. Each of the galleries presented is organized by category.

Automotive Art

This is other artwork, with an automotive theme, and includes paintings, sculpture and advertising campaigns I have worked on. Some of the pieces here are also for sale.


This page is devoted to my award, the 'Yosemite' Sam Radoff Sculptural Excellence Award. The past winners of the award, as well as images of each unique award, are presented here.

About Sam

This page presents a [short] biography of yours truly, detailing some of my awards and images of my work and some magazine coverage dating far back into the past.

After all, I haven't just been around the block, I helped build the block.

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